Magnetic Graduate Rollerball Pen Kits

This stylish and stately writing instrument includes a captivating magnetized cap. The cap posts instantly and securely on both ends of the pen, the long barrel provides a solid feel and smooth writing experience. Features a convenient spring clip, an elegant profile with a wider top and narrower bottom.

These Kits are turned using our Standard Mandrel with the bushings and trimming sleeves listed below.

Code Name Price  
153067 24k Magnetic Graduate Rollerball Pen Kit $14.95
153068 Chrome Magnetic Graduate Rollerball Pen Kit $11.95
153069 Gun Metal Magnetic Graduate Rollerball Pen Kit $12.95
153067B Magnetic Graduate Rollerball Bushings $6.95
150105 10.5mm Drill Bit $7.95
154913 12.5mm (.492) Drill Bit $9.95
153076TS 10.5/12.5mm Trimming Sleeves (2) $4.95
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