StickFast Activator

StickFast Activator This accelerator makes the bond truly instant. Used sparingly often StickFast accelerator is put on one piece to be joined while medium or thick glue is put on the other piece. Then the pieces are held together for 20 seconds for bonding. Also used for putting on thin glue that has been soaked into sawdust in a crack or into a hairline crack.

These items are flammable. They cannot be shipped by air or through the United States Postal Service.

Code Name Price  
120904 StickFast Fast Tac Accelerator (2oz.) $5.95
120914 StickFast Fast Tac Accelerator (8oz.) $14.95
120903 Stickfast 3 oz Aerosol Activator $5.95
120915 Stickfast 7.5 oz Aerosol Activator $10.95
120920 Stickfast 12.5oz Aerosol Activator $12.95
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