Medium Glue

Medium Glue The medium glue is used for filling cracks that are larger. By putting the into the bottom medium sized cracks, leaving the top of the crack to be filled with sawdust and bonded as per the thin glue instructions above. This glue is also perfect for pen tubes or for adhering a roughed out bowl blank to a waste block. This is done by turning a shallow tenon on the workpiece and a matching recess in the waste block.

Code Name Price  
120912 StickFast Medium Glue (1oz.) $4.50
120922 StickFast Medium Glue (2.5oz.) $7.95
120942 StickFast Medium Glue (4.5 oz) $12.95
120945 StickFast Medium Glue (8) oz) $22.95
125304 Cherry Pickers $3.50
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