The Proxxon Mini Grinder is light weight, maneuverable and is great for small to medium sized projects. It uses 2" discs with a 10mm arbor hole and features a "long neck" cast aluminum head with a gear drive. The 100W variable speed motor ranges from 3,300 to 13,000 rpm for smooth operation. It weighs 1.2 lbs., and measures 11". This mini grinder comes with a storage case, 60 grit AOL grinding disc, 100 grit sanding disc, and metal cut-off wheel.

The newly redesigned reciprocating Proxxon Power Carver is perfect for small to medium sized projects. The Carver's 11,000 cuts per minute action makes carving work quick and easy. It has all ball bearing construction, is light weight and is very quiet. The chisel is not activated until pressure is put against the workpiece, making this a safe tool for a wide range of users. Included with the carver are three laminated steel carving tools including a 3/8" gouge, 3/8" flat chisel and a 1/4" 60˚ v-parting tool. Flexcut Power Gouges (offered below) can be used in the Proxxon Carver. Overall length is 10" and the weight is 1-1/2 lbs.

Code Name Price  
300740 Proxxon Mini Grinder $169.95
300730 Proxxon Power Carver $184.95
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