Agar Web-FX

The Nick Agar Web-FX is a special effect paint designed to give a lacy, web-pattern effect offering texture and depth to various projects for woodworkers. It is perfect for woodturnings. Use a steady spray for a calligraphic effect, or use an intermittent spray to lend random strands like veins of marble. Dries to touch in minutes. Available in Black, White, Cobalt Blue, Terracotta, and Turquoise.

Code Name Price  
124204BC Agar WEB-FX - Cobalt Blue $9.95
124204BL Agar WEB-FX - Black $9.95
124204TC Agar WEB-FX - Terracotta $9.95
124204TQ Agar WEB-FX - Turquoise $9.95
124204WH Agar WEB-FX - White $9.95
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