Odie's Finishing Products

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  • Food Safe, Solvent Free
  • Up to 20 times more coverage
  • Non-Toxic Finish
  • Easy to Use
  • Lustrous Sheen
  • Better Coverage
  • Interior or Exterior

Odysseus Cornwall's Outstanding Oils and Waxes make up an easy to use finishing system that was developed with over 30 years of research. It had been used for years in commercial applications and is now available in quantities for the consumer. The finishes do not contain driers or any toxic chemicals, and all ingredients are food safe. Since this finish has no solvents almost all the finish put on the wood, stays on the wood. It also means it has up to 20 times more coverage than conventional finishes (coverage will vary depending on wood density).

These products are used for interior and exterior applications: Boats, Doors, Floors, Decks, Gates, Fine Furniture, Patio Furniture, Bowls, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Implements and Toys. Woodturners can also use Odie's oil and Wood Butter like a friction polish. If needed the finish can be easily touched up.

This products are flammable and cannot be shipped by air or through the United States Postal Service

Code Name Price  
129102 9oz. Odies Oil $27.95
129106 9 oz Odie's Wax $30.95
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