Easy Wood Tools Faceplates

These Aluminum Faceplates, from Easy Wood Tools, feature CNC machined quality larger screw holes for holding work, and a 5/16 spanner hole. All of the faceplates (except 2" size) have set screws for locking them on the shafts of lathes with reversing. The 2" size does not set screws. The hub is designed to be as short as possible to reduce vibration. The hub has the size clearly laser cut on it for easy identification. These faceplates are available to fit 1"x8 and 1-1/4"x8 spindles.

Code Name Price  
115602 2" EWT 1"x8 Faceplate $22.95
115603 3" EWT 1"x8 Faceplate $28.95
115604 4" EWT 1"x8 Faceplate $32.95
115612 2.5" EWT 1-1/4x8 Faceplate $26.95
115613 3.5" EWT 1-1/4x8 Faceplate $29.95
115614 4.5" EWT 1-1/4x8 Faceplate $35.95
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