Oneway Chuck

The Oneway 4-Jaw Chuck System is precision made and easy to use. It measures 4" in dia. and provides a very secure grip on the workpiece by contracting onto a round spigot (tenon) or expanding into a dovetail recess. Square stock can also be gripped securely and easily.

The Oneway Chuck comes with #2 top jaws that will grip round stock from 1-3/4" dia. to 3" dia. or expand into a dovetail recess from 2" dia. to 3-1/2" diameter These jaws will also grip square stock from 1-1/4" to 2-3/4". Also included as standard equipment for Oneway Chuck is a 1-1/2" Screw Center which allows the workpiece to be held using just a 3/8" hole 3/4" deep. An optional 2" Screw center is available below.

The chuck adaptor needs to be ordered separately below.

Note: This chuck also comes in a Body-Only version. The Body-Only Chuck comes without the #2 Top Jaws, Jaw Screws, and Screw Center.

Oneway Chuck Includes

  • Nickel plated body to resist rust and wear
  • Hardened base jaws for long term accuracy
  • T-handle tightening key
  • 4mm Hex Wrench
  • Self-Centering 4-jaw design
  • Hardened scroll for long smooth operation
  • Patented Safety Lock to prevent injury
  • Opens and closes using two levers
  • Woodworm screw center for holding work
  • Patented profile jaws for maximum grip
  • Owners Manual

Chuck and optional accessories are listed below.

Code Name Price  
112601 Oneway 4" 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck $172.95
112601BO Oneway Chuck Body only $107.95
112606A 5/8" Plain Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606B 3/4" Plain Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606C 3/4"x16 TPI Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606D 1"x8 TPI RH/LH Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606E 7/8"x14 TPI Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606G 1"x12 TPI 60 deg Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606H 1-1/8"x8 TPI RH/LH Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606J 1-1/4"x8 TPI Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606K 33mm x 3.5 Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112606M 30mm Plain Adaptor for Oneway/Talon Chuck $24.95
112600SC Pkg 8 of Repl. Jaw Screws $1.95
112602 Oneway #1 Spigot Jaws $40.95
112603 Oneway #3 Jaws $49.95
112603S Oneway #3 Smooth Jaws $49.95
112604 Talon/Oneway Jumbo Jaws $99.95
112605 Oneway #2 Jaws $41.95
112607 OW/Talon #2 Smooth Jaws $41.95
112630 Button Set $25.95

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