Oneway Bowl Steady

The Bowl Steady will greatly increase safety by reducing the vibration while hollowing bowls and turning platters. Now you will be able to turn thinner bowls and platters without the chatter marks caused by vibration. The Bowl Steady is made with a 5/8" thick steel base that is 19-1/2" long. The 1-1/4" diameter steel post measures 13-1/2" tall and can be attached in one of two positions on the base. The wheel mechanism slides onto the post and is locked in place with a set screw. The two non-marring rollers contact the outside of the work piece on the same side as the turner during hollowing. The pressure of the wheels against the bowl is easily adjusted by squeezing the unique scissor mechanism. Fits lathes with a 10" to 24" swing.

A clamp block for the Bowl Steady must be purchased separately from the list below.

Code Name Price  
112666 Bowl Steady $102.95
112685A Delta, Conover 1-1/2'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685B Nova, Laguna Lathes 2'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685D Woodfast, P'matic 3520/4224, VL300 2-1/2'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685E Oneway 1640,2436, General 260, Jet 14",16" 1-3/4'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685F Stubby Lathe, 1-7/8'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685G Vega 2600 Bowl Lathe 1-1/16'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685H Oneway 1224, Mini Lathes 1-1/4'' Clamp Block $14.95
112685K Delta 46-745 only 1-5/8'' Clamp Block $14.95
112666W Repl. Wheel for Bowl Steady $10.95
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