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Power Pen & Pencil Kits

The Power Pen features a click mechanism for ease of use and uses the smooth writing ParkerŪ style refill. The Power Pencil uses heavy 2mm lead that is virtually unbreakable and includes a sharpener. The Pencil kit includes 5 long lasting replacement leads. A hidden sharpener is included as part of the Power Pencil Kit. It is located under the plunger cap. Both kits use 8mm tubes and are turned using our standard mandrel with the bushings listed below.

Bushings: Bushings are needed to turn the project on the pen mandrels we offer. The bushings are used to size the outside diameter of the workpiece correctly for the specific project. They are also used to adapt the pen mandrel for project tubes larger than the mandrel shaft. Only one set of bushings are needed for many kits. After the bushings are worn down from sanding they will need replacing.

Code Name Price  
154948 24K Power Pen Kit $5.95
154953 Pk 20 2mm Repl. Pencil Leads $3.50
150118 8mm Drill Bit $6.95
154948B Power Pen/Pencil Bushings $5.95
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