Aquapearl Blanks

These blanks come with a pre-drilled 7mm hole! Aquapearl is an acrylic plastic mixture that has the depth and coloring of pearl. This special mixture has been formulated to create high luster pens that look like the most expensive pens available. Sharp tools are recommended for turning Aquapearl. We offer blanks individually or as an assortment pack. You can also mix and match to achieve quantity discounts by choosing multiple colors.

Each blank is 5/8'' diameter by 5'' long with a 7mm hole drilled through it.

Aquapearl Assortment Pack: 154786 Blue and Black, 154783 Cranberry and Black, 154785 Green and Black, 154787 Red, Blue, Gold, 154790 Blue Green, 154791 Spalted Gold

Code Name Price  
154780 White Pearl Aquapearl $3.95
154782 Gold & Black Aquapearl $3.95
154783 Cranberry & Black Aquapearl $3.95
154785 Green & Black Aquapearl $3.95
154786 Blue & Black Aquapearl $3.95
154787 Red, Blue, Gold Aquapearl $3.95
154788 Maroon Pearl Aquapearl $3.95
154790 Blue Green Aquapearl $3.95
154791 Spalted Gold Aquapearl $3.95
154792 Spalted Pearl Aquapearl $3.95
154793 Jet Black Aquapearl $3.95
154799 Aquapearl Assortment $19.95
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