Bottle Cones

Now available in Chrome Plated, Gold Titanium and Black Titanium. These bottle cones feature a rubber gasket that will allow it to seat easily in almost any wine bottle. The Bottle Cones measure about 1" in diameter by 2-1/4" long, and can be turned using the Niles Stopper Mandrel (152205) and an 11/32" Drill Bit (150132). Some materials which work nicely with the Bottle Cone are:

  • Wood Blank Assortment (254900)
  • Color Grain Stopper Blanks

Wood pictured is not included.

Code Name Price  
154938 Chrome Bottle Cone $3.85
152939 Gold Titanium Bottle Cone $5.45
152940 Black Titanium Bottle Cone $5.45
114917 Bottle Cone Drill & Tap Set $16.95
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