Mini Kaleidoscope Kits

This kit is used for making "Egg-O-Scopes" and is also used for making small cylinder shaped ones. The kit includes lens, mirrors, gems, dust cover and body parts. The exposed parts have 24k gold plating. The wood blank (not included) for making the egg shape is 2'' x 2'' x 2-1/4''. The hole in the center of the blank is 13/16''. The body is turned on our pen mandrel with the mini kaleidoscope bushings. We offer two stands (sold separately) for holding the mini kaleidoscopes. They both have a gold finish. The small one is 3/4'' high and the large one (shown in photo) is 1-1/2'' high.

Bushings: Bushings are needed to turn the project on the pen mandrels we offer. The bushings are used to size the outside diameter of the workpiece correctly for the specific project. They are also used to adapt the pen mandrel for project tubes larger than the mandrel shaft. Only one set of bushings are needed for many kits. After the bushings are worn down from sanding they will need replacing.

Code Name Price  
154989 Mini Kaleidoscope Kit $11.95
154989B Mini Kaleidoscope Bushings $5.95
150113 13/16'' Forstner Drill Bit $6.95
154997 3/4'' Small Stand $5.95
154999 1-1/2'' Large Stand $5.95
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