Key Ring Kits

The Key Ring Kits make quick and easy projects that will help you use up some of those small left over pieces of wood. We offer several varieties of key rings:

The 24K Key Ring and Brushed Satin Key Ring, along with the Detachable, Whistle, and Mini Pen Key Ring kits all require a 7mm drill bit and can be turned using our Std. Pen Mandrel. No additional bushings are required.

The Secret Compartment Pill Box Key Ring requires a 9/16" Drill Bit and Secret Pill Box bushings.

The Secret Compartment Key Ring requires a 10mm Drill Bit and Traditional 10mm Bushings.

Code Name Price  
154955 24k Secret Pill Box Key Ring Kit $4.95
154908 24K Key Ring $2.35
154908S Brushed Satin Key Ring Kit $2.35
154907 Mini Pen Key Ring Kit $3.95
150117 7mm Drill Bit $4.95
150111 9/16'' Drill Bit $11.50
154944B Mini Penlight Bushings $5.95
154960 24k Secret Compartment Key Ring Kit $2.95
154962 Chrome Secret Compartment Key Ring Kit $2.95
150110 10mm Drill Bit $8.95
154960B Traditonal 10mm Bushings $5.95
154980 Key Chuck Pen Mandrel $14.95
154794 #1MT Adj. Pen Mandrel $19.95
154795 #2MT Adj. Pen Mandrel $19.95
152979B Key Chain Pen w/ Stylus Bushings $4.95
152979GM Key Chain Pen w/ Stylus Gun Metal $6.95
152979CH Key Chain Pen w/ Stylus Chrome $6.95
152979 Key Chain Pen w/ Stylus 24k $8.95
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