Seam Rippers and Stilettos

We offer two styles of seam rippers made with manganese steel blades. The first style has a single small blade that reverses for storage and protection. The second style features two blades (one small and one large). Both sizes are removable and reversible for storage and protection of the blade. 8mm tubes

The Sewing Stiletto Kit is an invaluable sewing tool keeps fabric from shifting when sewing ends of seams and grabs and adjusts straying fabric with its sharp tip. It's ideal for needlework, sewing, leatherwork and quilting. The stiletto tip is interchangeable with seam ripper blades so one holder can serve as a holder for either blade. Extra tips sold separately. Turned on the standard pen mandrel with the bushings sold below.

Bushings: Bushings are needed to turn the project on the pen mandrels we offer. The bushings are used to size the outside diameter of the workpiece correctly for the specific project. They are also used to adapt the pen mandrel for project tubes larger than the mandrel shaft. Only one set of bushings are needed for many kits. After the bushings are worn down from sanding they will need replacing.

Code Name Price  
153080 Chrome 2-in-1 Seam Ripper/Stiletto $7.95
153080G 24k 2-in-1 Seam Ripper/Stiletto $8.95
153041 Single Seam Ripper - Chrome $5.95
153041G 24k Seam Ripper w/single blade $6.95
153042 Double Seam Ripper - Chrome $7.95
153042G 24k Seam Ripper w/double blade $8.95
153040S Small Chrome Seam Ripper Blade $3.95
153040SG Small 24k Seam Ripper Blade $3.95
153040L Large Chrome Seam Ripper Blade $3.95
153040LG Large 24k Seam Ripper Blade $3.95
153043 Sewing Stiletto Kit - Chrome $5.95
153044 Repl. Stiletto Tip - Chrome $3.95
153041B Seam Ripper and Stiletto Bushings $5.95
150118 8mm Drill Bit $6.95
153044G Stiletto Tip - 24K $3.95
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