Light Pull Kits

The Light Pull Kit uses one 7mm tube and is made from a wood blank at least 3/4" square by 2-3/4". The kit features 24k gold plated end caps that press into the ends of the 7mm tube.

The Light Pull Kit is turned on the pen mandrel with the bushings that come with the mandrel.

Bushings: This project is turned with the bushings that are included with the pen mandrels we offer. No additional bushings are required. We offer replacement bushings to use if your mandrel's bushings are lost or worn down. Only one set of bushings are needed for many kits.







Code Name Price  
152934 24K Light Pull Kit $2.95
152934CH Chrome Light Pull Kit $3.50
150117 7mm Drill Bit $4.95
150128 Pkg 3 7mm Pen Bushings $4.95
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