The secret to making any meal extraordinary is an assortment of gourmet spices.

Malabar Black - widely used pepper with pungent aroma, hearty flavor

Chef's Blend - colorful combination of Malabar Black, Muntok White, Green and Rosť Pink peppers.

Muntok White - mild flavor favorite for use in white sauces and other light-colored dishes.

Tellicherry - considered the world's finest black pepper, large aromatic peppercorns

Solar Sea Salt Crystals- natural, uniodized,unprocessed sea salt used in saltmills.

Code Name Price  
154041 Malabar Pepper $4.95
154042 Chef's Blend Pepper $5.30
154044 Muntok White Pepper 3.4oz $4.95
154045 Tellicherry Pepper 2.8 oz $5.20
154043 Solar Sea Salt $4.20
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