Segmented Turning Kits

These plans and kits are made by Bud Latven, a woodturner known for his work with segmented and constructed woodturning. He has used his many years of experience to make your experience with constructed woodturning a successful one. To complete the project you will need: glue; clamps; sander; bandsaw and stationary belt sander. Each of the the Plans has nine pages that includes: a color photo; an exploded view of the project; clear description of materials and procedures; details on segment construction; lamination instructions and a template to assure the correct shape of the finished turning. The skill level has been marked on each plan from 1 the easiest to 5 the hardest.

These two Bowl Kits include veneers; pre-cut wood parts, complete instructions for assembly, and turning instructions including a template. To complete these two kits you will need a sander, glue, clamps, finish and a lathe with turning tools.

Code Name Price  
157801 Pinstripe Bowl Kit $79.95
157802 Anasazi Bowl Kit $79.95
157822 Pueblo Bowl Kit $149.95
157823 Chaco Bowl Kit $149.95
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