Ball Bearing Yo-Yo Kits

These Yo-Yo Kits feature a ball bearing axle to make it sleep longer and perform better when doing tricks. The exposed axle cap is available in 24k gold plated or Chrome finish. The Yo-Yos are made with 5/8" x 2-1/2" square blanks and turned on the Standard 7mm pen mandrel using the bushings shown at right. We also offer a short Yo-Yo Mandrel that is held in a drill chuck (not included) in the headstock. A 10mm drill bit (right) is needed to complete this project.

Wood not included.

Code Name Price  
154961 24k Yo-Yo Kit $5.95
154961CH Chrome Yo-Yo Kit $4.95
150110 10mm Drill Bit $8.95
154960B Traditonal 10mm Bushings $5.95
154964 Yo-Yo Mandrel $7.95
154980 Key Chuck Pen Mandrel $14.95
154794 #1MT Adj. Pen Mandrel $19.95
154795 #2MT Adj. Pen Mandrel $19.95
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