DMT Mini Sharpeners

Mini Sharpeners are very handy to carry with you or just have close by in the shop. The sharpening area of each is 2-3/4" by 1"wide by 3/16" thick. The Set includes one fine (600 grit), one extra fine (1200 grit) and one coarse (325 grit) sharpener. These small sharpeners use the same top quality monocrystalline diamonds to assure long cutting life and a constant flat surface.

The Mini Hones use high quality monocrystalline diamonds that are mounted on unbreakable, ergonomic, color coded handles. The sharpening area measures 3/4" wide by 2-1/2". They are available in Coarse (325 grit, Blue), Fine (600 grit, Red) and Extra Fine (1200 grit, Green). Overall length is 7". These hones can be used dry or with water as a cutting lubricant.

Code Name Price  
145115 DMT Coarse Mini Hone $7.95
145116 DMT Fine Mini Hone $7.95
145117 DMT Extra Fine Mini Hone $7.95
145118 Set of 3 DMT Mini Hones $21.95
145120 DMT Set of Three 70mm Stones $22.95
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