Tormek Sharpening Systems

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    Tormek T-7 Sharpening System Standard Equipment
  • Stone Grader
  • Honing Compound
  • Horizontal Support
  • Flat Leather Honing Wheel
  • Grinder Instruction Handbook & DVD
  • TT-50 Truing and Dressing Tool
  • Pro Anglemaster angle setting jig
  • Micro-Adjustable Universal Support
  • Grinder with 220 grit wheel and water trough
  • New Square Edge Jig for chisels & plane irons

Built in Sweden the Tormek T-7 reflects 30 years of evolution, making it the best and most versatile wet grinder system on the market today! .

This system features an improved water trough design and a non-rust stainless steel shaft with EZ-Lock nut that needs no tools to change wheels. The T-7 has a micro adjustable support bar for accuracy and a powder coat finish to provide protection during use.

The 10 x 2 wide 220 grit aluminum oxide wheel runs at only 90rpm through a water bath. This means a razor sharp edge and no chance of overheating or over grinding. Any burr left on the tool is easily removed by using the 8-3/4 by 1-1/4 wide flat leather honing wheel. The T-7 has a 110v industrial, continuous duty motor. The T-7 accessories come in a case that can be hung on the wall and used as an organizer. Total weight is 35 lbs.

Code Name Price  
140770 Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Sharpening System $665.00
140771 Tormek Woodturner's Kit $334.00
1407-W Tormek T-7 with Woodturner's Kit $940.43
140772 Tormek Hand Tool Kit $215.00
1407-H Tormek T-7 with Hand Tool Kit $849.00
1407-WH Tormek T-7 with Hand Tool and Woodturner Kits $1,124.43
1407-WHP Tormek T-7 with Both Kits and Planer Jig $1,240.97
140774 Tormek RB-180 Rotating Base $57.00
140780 Tormek T-3 Grinder $339.00
140703 SVD-110 Tormek Tool Rest $38.00
140704 SVD-185 Tormek Gouge & Cutter Jig $97.00
140705 SVS-50 Tormek Multi-Tool Jig $68.00
140707 MH-380 Tormek Machine Cover $27.00
140716 LA-120 Tormek Profile Honing Wheel $64.00
140709 SP-650 Tormek Stone Grader $29.00
140717 TT-50 Tormek Truing Tool $89.00
140711 SVM-140 Tormek Long Knife Jig $56.00
140712 SVM-45 Tormek Knife Jig $39.00
140718 Tormek SVM-00 Small Knife Holder $33.00
140713 SVX-50 Tormek Scissor Jig $54.00

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