Tormek T-8 Sharpening System

Tormek Ultimate Bundle pictured above

Special Package: T-8 Grinder, plus SVS-45 Knife Jig and SVD-110 Tool Rest for Free! Offer good through December 31st. Order item 1408KT.

Tormek T-8 Accessories
Code Name Price  
1408KT Tormek T-8 with Free Knife Jig & Tool Rest $729.00
1408 Tormek T-8 Grinder $729.00
1408-W Tormek T-8 Woodturner Bundle $1,040.00
1408-H Tormek T-8 Hand Tool Bundle $920.00
1408-WH Tormek T-8 Magnum Bundle $1,235.00
1408-WHP Tormek T-8 Ultimate Bundle $1,399.00
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