Innerface Backing Pads

Innerface Backing Pads are used between any standard hook & loop holder and the sanding disc. They help to insulate the hook & loop holder from the heat generated in sanding, this extends the life of the holder.

Each Innerface Pad has hook & loop hooks on the black side to grip the sanding disc and white cloth on the other side to grip the hook & loop holder. We offer both soft and firm innerface pads. The firm pad is for more aggressive sanding, while the soft pads are better for finer sanding. Both types work well with the Hi-Per Gold discs, the New Wave sanding discs or any other hook & loop type discs. Different grits of sandpaper can be kept on the pads so the sandpaper isn't damaged by putting it on and taking it off of the hook & loop holder repeatedly. Innerface Backing Pads are available in 2" or 3" diameters.

Code Name Price  
129470 2" Backing Pad Assortment $12.20
129471 2" Soft Innerface Backing Pad $3.95
129472 3" Soft Innerface Backing Pad $5.95
129473 2" Firm Innerface Backing Pad $3.95
129474 3" Firm Innerface Backing Pad $5.95
129487 3" Backing Pad Assortment $17.90
129488 2" Doughnut Pad Assortment $12.35
129489 3" Doughnut Pad Assortment $17.05
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