Inlace Compounds

After the Inlace has cured, the material should be sanded smooth, and flush with the surface of the work. Sand to 320 grit and then the Buffing Compund is used on a buffing wheel to remove small scratches left from sanding. For best results and a deeper sheen use the Polishing Compund offered below. Size: 3oz

After the Inlace has been prepared with the buffing compound, charge a buffing wheel with the Polishing Compound and buff the piece to add to the depth and luster of the inlace. For the best results, is important that the piece is sanded to 320 or 400 grit and then buffed with the Inlace Buffing Compound before polishing. Size: 3oz

Code Name Price  
159631 Inlace Buffing Compound $3.95
159632 Inlace Polishing Compound $3.95
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