Create a Tip Interchangeable Pen & Tips

This pen enables you to create a limitless variety of possibilities for burning and texturing. The wire is held in an interchangeable tip pen with two screws. The pens includes a foam grip and 1 each of 18, 20, and 22 gauge wires that can be fashioned into different shapes. More wires and Tips for the Interchangeable Pens are available.

The tips offered are all held by the Interchangeable Pen. The tips can be easily changed in the end of the pen by loosening two screws. Many surface decorations and textures using the tips offered.

Code Name Price  
217602 Create a Tip Interchangeable Pen $24.95
217603 Pkg of 3 18 Gauge x 6" Wires $5.95
217604 Pkg of 3 20 Gauge x 6" Wires $5.95
217605 Pkg of 3 22 Gauge x 6" Wires $5.95
217606 Small Writing Tip for Razertip Woodburner $3.95
217607 General Pyrography Tip for Razertip Woodburner $3.95
217608 Medium Spoon Tip for Razertip Woodburner $4.50
217609 5 Piece Set of Small Detail Tips for Razertip Woodburner $14.95
217610 8 Piece Set of Versatile Tips for Razertip Woodburner $21.95
217611 Cub Woodwriter Adaptor $4.95
217619 Tip Cleaner $10.95
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