Carter Hollow Roller System

The Hollow Roller™ System is a captive boring bar system for safely turning hollow forms and bowls. The boring bar has a flat on the bottom that allows it to be captured by the three rollers housed in the torque arrstor. This removes the worry from turning hollow forms and vessels.

Includes: Torque Arrestor tool rest,auxiliary tool support, 3/4" boring bar, 1/4" high speed steel cutter. Handle not included

To use the Hollow Roller System an Adaptor Stud Set must be purchased separately. It includes posts for installing the torque arrestor and the tool support bar.

  • Perfect for beginner or experienced turners
  • Takes the stress out of hollowing vessel forms
  • Rollers w/sealed bearings capture boring bar for smooth movement
  • 3/4" Boring Bar for turnings up to 8" deep
  • 1/4" wide high speed steel cutter is included
  • Easy set-up on most lathes
  • Quickly and easily removed and re-installed
  • Laser offered for precise wall thickness
  • Fits most lathes including mini or midi lathes
  • Optional Hunter carbide cutter available
Code Name Price  
102500 Unhandled Carter Hollow Roller System $294.95
102508 Short Handle for Hollow Roller $24.95
102509 Long Handle for Carter Hollow Roller $79.95
102502 Carter Laser System $148.95
102510 Carter Hollow Roller Package Deal $469.95
102503 Hollow Roller 5/8"x4-1/2" Adaptor Stud $19.95
102504 Hollow Roller 3/4"x4-1/2" Adapter Stud $19.95
102505 Hollow Roller 1"x4-1/2" Adapter Stud $24.95
102506 Hollow Roller 1"x6" Adapter Stud $24.95
102507 Hollow Roller Carbide Assembly $69.95
105818 Repl. #1 Carbide Cutter $19.95
102511 HR 1" Large Long Bar w/screw+cutter holder $109.95
102512 HR Laser Extension for Long Bar $29.95
102518 HR 5/8" Straight Bar w/screw+cutter holder $99.95
102519 HR 5/8" Hook Bar w/carbide bit $119.95
102520 HR High Speed Steel Cutter $19.95
102523 HR Small Teardrop Cutter w/screw $34.95
102524 HR Large Teardrop Cutter w/screw $44.95
142520 HR Sharpening Jig for HSS Cutters $14.95
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