Crown M42 HSS Tools

These tools from Crown Hand Tools are made of M42 high speed steel that goes through a triple hardening process that includes cryogenic treatment. This makes a superior steel for turners that takes a very sharp edge. The Crown M42 tools will hold an edge up to 3 times longer than turning tools made of M2 high speed steel. They perfect for abrasive woods, hardwoods but will also work well for softer woods. People who want to save time by sharpening less will love these gouges. The bowl gouges are fitted a 16" handle and copper ferrule.

The bowl gouges measure 1/8" larger in diameter than the size listed

Code Name Price  
106681 CRN M42 3/8" Side Grind Bowl Gouge $94.50
106682 CRN M42 1/2" Side Grind Bowl Gouge $112.95
106680 CRN M42 1/4" Side Grind Bowl Gouge $79.95
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