Cutters and Holders

The Straight Cutter Holder with Swivel Tip and Cutter is held in the Standard Boring Bar (above). The cutter is 3/16" square high speed steel and can be rotated to achieve the best position for the turning. Also offered is a Bent Cutter Holder with swivel and cutter. Smoothing can be achieved with the optional teardrop shaped Tantung Scraper Blade that can be used with either holder.

Code Name Price  
105805 Bent Holder with Swivel Tip & Cutter $54.95
105807 Repl. JAM Bent Holder $24.95
105808 Repl. JAM Straight Holder $19.95
105815 Repl. JAM 3/16'' HSS Cutter $5.95
105817 JAM Carbide Cutter Assembly $69.95
105818 Repl. #1 Carbide Cutter $19.95
105809 Repl. JAM Swivel Tip w/o Cutter $29.95
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