Stabilizing Handle

  • Resists rotational force with use of secondary support
  • Eliminates grabbing and catching
  • Made of 3/4" diameter steel
  • Holds 3/4" diameter boring bars
  • Measures 7" wide x 23" long

Hollow Vessels turned through a limited access hole are now much easier to make! Using the Stabilizing Handle with a Secondary Tool Rest eliminates the rotational force and grabbing the woodturner experiences when hollowing into endgrain. The secondary rest can be made of wood by the user or purchased below. The Stabilizing Handle will hold the Jamieson Standard or Jumbo Boring Bars and Stewart or Sorby Hooker Tools (accepts 3/4" diameter). Made of 3/4 diameter steel the handle measures approx. 7 wide by 23 long. Instructions for use and making an outrigger support are included.

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