Complete Set of Raffan Tools

Get the whole set of Raffan Tools and save 10%!

Included in the set are one each of the following (shown from left to right): 3/8" Raffan Radius Scraper (104070), 3/4" Raffan Radius Scraper (104071), 1" Raffan Radius Scraper (104072), 1-3/8" Raffan Radius Scraper (104073), 1-1/4" Raffan Refining Scraper (104074), Raffan Spear Point Scraper (104075), 1" Raffan Radius Skew (104078), 3/4" Raffan Radius Skew (104077), and 1/2" Raffan Radius Skew (104076).

These tools are manufactured by Henry Taylor in Sheffield, England. They are M2 high speed steel, and are fitted with stained beech handles.

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104079 Complete Set of 9 HT Raffan Tools $525.78
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