Fixed Tip Pens

The fixed tip pen is a dedicated pen for one shape. Both types of Colwood pens can be used with the Razertip® Burners by using an optional adaptor.

Code Name Price  
213609FT 1/4" Large Pnt Fixed Tip $14.95
213602FT Med Writing Fixed Tip $14.95
213610FT 3/16" Small Rnd Fixed Tip $14.95
213611FT 1/8" Tight Rnd Fixed Tip $14.95
213612FT 3/16" Shading Fixed Tip $14.95
213604FT Caligraphy Fixed Tip $14.95
213613FT 3/32" Rnd Heel Fixed Tip $15.95
213603FT Micro Writing Fixed Tip $20.95
213614FT 5/32" Small Pnt Fixed Tip $14.95
217612 Razertip Burner Adaptor $3.95
217619 Tip Cleaner $10.95
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