Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer

"I turn quite a few end grain boxes out of Apricot, a very hard wood to dry without checking. Prior to using Pentacryl it was not unusual to lose 60% of my rough turned boxes. It's very hot in Chico CA. Since using Pentacryl I've turned 75 boxes and haven't lost a box. I have never endorsed a product before, but this is one that does all it claims."
-Tom Arcoleo Chico CA

Pentacryl is a product that was originally created for museums to stabilize old waterlogged pieces of wood by penetrating and combining with the water molecules. Pentacryl will keep troublesome woods from cracking and spliting. On average it takes about 4oz of Pentacryl to stabilize one board foot of medium density wood. Pentacryl adds no color to the wood, is non toxic when dry. It can be finished with oil, lacquer or waterbased finishes. Apply it to roughed out green turnings by either soaking or brushing on until saturated and then left to dry. Pentacryl works best on wet wood.

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128601 Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer (Qt.) $20.95
128602 Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer (Gal.) $59.95
128603 Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer (5 Gal.) $239.95
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