Hold Fast Stabilization System

  • Use wood that would have been thrown away
  • Uses water based resin that is low odor
  • Prevents wood from future cracking
  • Great for pen and bottle stopper blanks
  • Stabilize up to 70 Pen blanks at one time
  • Can be used for knife, smaller peppermills
  • Resin is clear or add color for great effects
  • Available with or without Vacuum Generator (old model pictured above right)

This Wood Stabilization System is a user friendly way to stabilize and color wood. Even spalted woods and difficult burls will become solid and easier to turn after being processed. A vacuum is used to pull the stabilization resin into the wood blanks keeping them from cracking or changing in the future. The resin is water soluble and any excess can be reused to stabilize other wood. Also, dramatic effects can be created by adding color to the resin. The wood being stabilized needs to be dry (15% moisture or less) for best results.

Two types of kits are available: Large and Midi. The Large has two sizes of vacuum chamber (2 quart and 8.25 quart) included and each comes with a cam-lock anti-float plate to keep the wood submerged. The 8.25 quart one can be used for up to 70 pen blanks, bottle stopper blanks, or small bowl and vessel blanks. The Midi System comes with one 3.5 quart vacuum chamber. The vacuum can be supplied by the optional vacuum generator pictured above or a vacuum pump with a regulator.

After treating, the wood needs to be cured in an oven to complete the stabilization process. A toaster oven will work for small batches.

The Vacuum Generator uses an air compressor to create a vacuum. It works with a compressor that has at least 2.5 CFM. The generator includes: on/off switch, vacuum gauge, regulator to adjust vacuum. The generator uses 70-90 PSI to create up to 24" of vacuum.

The Large Stabilization System includes:

  • 8.25 Quart Tank: holds 50-70 Pen Blanks and 2 Quart Tank: holds up to 20 Pen Blanks
  • Unique cam lock Anti-Float Plates to keep wood submerged, one for each container
  • Clear viewing cover with on/off/bleed valve
  • Available with or without Vacuum Generator

The Midi Stabilization System includes:

  • 3.5 Quart Tank: holds up to 30 Pen Blanks
  • Unique cam lock Anti-Float Plate to keep wood submerged
  • Clear viewing cover with on/off/bleed valve
  • Available with or without Vacuum Generator

The Vacuum Bags are used with the Stabilization System for stabilizing larger bowl blanks. The bags use the large vacuum chamber of the system as a catch basin for the excess resin.

Small Vacuum Bag measures 20"x 20"

Large Vacuum Bag measures 28" x 30"

Code Name Price  
110980 Large Vac Stabilizing System (without Generator) $224.95
110980G Large Vac Stabilizing System with Generator $337.25
110981 Extra Stabilization Seal for 8.25qt chamber $13.50
110982 Qt. Stabilization Resin $33.95
110983 Gallon Stabilization Resin $99.95
110984 20"x20" Vacuum Stabilization Bag $30.95
110985 28"x30" Vacuum Stabilization Bag $34.95
110994 Black Resin Dye $9.95
110995 Red Resin Dye $7.95
110996 Yellow Resin Dye $7.95
110997 Blue Resin Dye $7.95
110998 Violet Resin Dye $7.95
110999 Assort of 5 Resin Dye Colors $39.95
110900 HF Vacuum Generator with hose $129.95
110989 18" Vacuum Stabilization Chamber $137.95
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