#4 Hunter Tool (1/2"cutter)

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#4 Hunter Tool (1/2

The Hunter Tools are good for making boxes, goblets or bowls. They feature a round Nanno Grain carbide cutter that will cut for up to 100 times longer than high speed steel before it needs replacing (depending on turning conditions). When the cutter starts to dull, loosen the screw and rotate it to a fresh edge. It can be rotated 4-6 times before it needs replacing. The cutter is held at a 45 degree angle for a smooth shearing cut. Not having to sharpen the tool leaves more time for cutting.

The #4 Tool has a 1/2" round carbide cutter mounted on a 1/2" diameter steel shank. The shank measures 6-1/2" with a 17" Ash Handle.

The cutter of each one is held in place with a Torx Head Screw. A Torx wrench is included with each tool.

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