Axe Carbide Tool - Diamond

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Axe Carbide Tool - Diamond
  • Includes one Diamond Carbide Cutter
  • Carbide Cutter, can be rotated for longer life
  • Carbide Cutter is replaceable - no sharpening needed
  • Stainless Steel tool shank is set 5" into the handle
  • Tool Shanks measures approx. 7" from ferrule to tool tip
  • Tool shank is 5/8" diameter with a flat on the bottom
  • Can be used for standard or shear scraping
  • 16" Maple Handle with color coded ferrule
  • Exclusive handle shape indicates cutter angle
  • Made in the USA by Carter Products

The Axe Tools from Carter Products are a new line of carbide tools designed with input from woodturners. The Diamond shaped cutter is good for making detail cuts, some parting cuts and for some spindle work. The special features include a round stainless steel shank that won't rust and has a flat on the bottom to allow a smooth transition from standard cutting to shear scraping. Also included is a specially shaped handle with vertical flats at the back to indicate the angle of the cutter visually or by feel.

Three different Axe Carbide Tools are available with different colored ferrules for easy identification in the shop. Tools available are Square, Round, and Diamond Shaped. The Square Tool also includes an additional Rounded Square Cutter.

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