Jamieson Laser Attachment

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Jamieson Laser Attachment
  • Attaches to the Stabilizing Handle
  • Laser light locates the cutter position or can be set for wall thickness
  • Made of 7/8" tubing
  • Measures 26" wide x 12" high

Have you ever ruined a closed form vessel by cutting through the wall?

If so, you will love the new Jamieson Laser Attachment. It attaches to the Jamieson Stabilizing Handle (as shown)and shows you exactly where the cutter is by projecting a light on the outside of the turning. Made of 1” diameter tubing, it may also be attached to other boring bars as well. The vertical tube is approx. 12” long while the horizontal one measures 26”. The Laser Pen can be adjusted to show where the cutter is working or may be set for a determined wall thickness.

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