HF Vac Adaptor Kit - Universal

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HF Vac Adaptor Kit - Universal

The Vacuum Adaptor Kit is an easy method for attaching a vacuum source to any lathe that has a #2 Morse Taper hollow headstock spindle. It is made up of three parts. 1. The Bearing Adaptor: centers in the hole of the outboard end of the lathe spindle; has a hose barb to attach 1/4" or 3/8" inner diameter vacuum hose; has a bearing to keep the vac hose from twisting. 2. The Threaded Rod: threads into the bearing adaptor and runs through the lathe spindle; measures 3/8" x 18" and is cut to best length by the user. 3. The Locking Spindle Adaptor: threads on the inboard end of the rod, tightens against the inboard end of the spindle; fits into the #2MT of the lathe.

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