Complete Guinevere System Kit

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Complete Guinevere System Kit

The Guinevere System uses two inflatable rubber sanders, one flat and the other round. They can be inflated to conform to the contour of almost any project. The flat sander can be used on flat pieces, legs and carving projects. The round sander is great for sanding the inside of bowls and carvings. The Guinevere System includes a flexible shaft for holding the sanders or other tools like carving burrs. The system is powered by a 3600 rpm 1/2HP motor that is smooth and quiet. Two drill type chucks are included for mounting the flexible shaft or the inflatable sanders. You can mount the flex shaft with one sander to one end of the motor chuck with the other sander fitted to the remaining chuck.

Included in the Guinevere Sanding System: 1/2hp Motor, Flexible Shaft, Inflatable Round Sander, 4 Assorted Round Sanding Sleeves, Inflatable Drum Sander, 4 Assorted Drum Sanding Sleeves, Micro Hand Pump and Cleaning Stick.

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