250ml Shellawax Cream

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250ml Shellawax Cream
I wholeheartedly recommend Shellawax Cream as by far the best finish I have ever used on all items from pens to lidded boxes and large bowls, etc. Its ease of use, speed and superior finish make it ideal for all turned work."Vic Wood - Australian Woodturner

This is a very popular, easy to use, one-step finishing product from Australia Made from a mixture of shellac and wax, Shellawax Cream Friction Polish leaves a protected surface with good sheen and excellent depth to the finish. This is a good finish for many small and large projects.

The Cream is best for bowls and other larger projects. The liquid is faster drying and best for small projects like pens. Above we have a quote from Vic Wood, a professional woodturner and internationally known demonstrator and teacher who uses Shellawax in his classes. Now comes in 250ml white plastic container (about 8.5 fluid oz).

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