SVD-186 Tormek Gouge & Cutter Jig

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SVD-186 Tormek Gouge & Cutter Jig
  • Sharpen Bowl & Spindle Gouges up to 1-3/8", 36mm
  • Replicate complex gouge profiles
  • Sharpen Removable Cutting Inserts
  • Sharpen Bowl Gouges with an Ellsworth Grind
  • New design facilitates working with all Tormek Grinders
  • Includes locking disc that simplifies clamping of gouges of all sizes

Great for sharpening woodturning, carving gouges and small scraper cutters. It can make fingernail or side grind on spindle and Bowl Gouges. With the SVD-186, you can choose the degree of the fingernail shape by adjusting the settings on the jig. It enables you to sharpen to the gouge's exact shape and remove only a fraction of the steel. The end result is a perfectly honed and polished edge. The video is currently for the SVD-185 Model. The SVD-186 functions in the same fashion.

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