8 x 1" 80 Grit SG

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8 x 1
  • Great for sharpening M2 high speed steel tools
  • Great for sharpening Powder Metal tools
  • 50% mixture of Seeded Gel (SG) Grain Ceramic Abrasive
  • "K" Hardness requires less frequent dressing
  • Designed to expose fresh edges while cutting
  • 3 to 5 times more life than white wheels
  • Compatible with the Oneway Balancing System
  • Maximum operating speed 3600rpm

Made by Norton in the USA, these wheels are recommended by Jerry Glaser. These wheels are also great for sharpening M2 high speed steel tools. We have never used a grinding wheel that cuts as fast or cool. The secret of these wheels is that they are made using a Seeded Gel (SG) Grain ceramic abrasive that Norton invented. This gives them 3 to 5 times more life than white AOL wheels. The ceramic SG wheel is self sharpening, constantly exposing new cutting edges. The SG wheels also require less dressing than white wheels and have a K hardness.

This 80 grit wheels are compatible with the Oneway Balancing System.

The 8" 80 grit Wheels will fit a 5/8",3/4" and 1" shafts.

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