Colt 7mm Pen Drill Bit

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Colt 7mm Pen Drill Bit

I make hundreds of pens every year and cannot believe the performance of the COLT Pen Bits. The fastest drilling, chip removal, no heat build up (which cracks most exotic woods), no bottom blowouts, and a perfect hole every time.

Mike Pankion - Woodturnings by Mike

These precision drill bits are made from M2 High Speed Steel for longer life. They can drill up to 1,000 holes without sharpening depending on the density of the wood. The patented self-cutting drill point design guides the bit straight in end grain and guarantees a clean entrance and exit hole.

The deep parabolic flute shape clears the chips without repeatedly having to back the bit out during the cut. Friction is also reduced by the concave shape of the outer flute area, making for faster drilling and less heat build up.

Some of the bits have a different length than what is stated in the video below. They were shortened by the manufacturer to prevent flexing. The current length is as follows: The 7mm bit measures 109mm (4.29") overall length.

We offer these bits in 7mm, 8mm (letter O size), 10mm and 3/8".

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