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Standard Grade Bottle Stopper Corks (pkg. of 50)

Code 151303
Quantity in Cart None


Standard Grade Bottle Stopper Corks (pkg. of 50)

Decorative and functional, bottle stoppers are simple projects. They make long lasting gifts and are popular at craft shows. A wine bottle stopper can be turned from 1-1/2" to 2" by 2-1/4" long square stock, drilled to take a 3/8" dowel about 2-1/4" long and completed by gluing one of our corks, which come with a 3/8" hole drilled through length of cork, to the dowel. Any excess dowel can then be sanded back to clean up end of stopper.

The corks measure about 7/8" dia. at the top, 5/8" dia. at the bottom and 1-1/4" long. They will fit most wine bottles.

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