10mm Fisch Pen Bit

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10mm Fisch Pen Bit

Fisch has been making drill bits in Austria since 1946. These high speed steel Master Pen Drills are designed to make accurate holes for pens and other projects. They will cut wood, acrylic or aluminum faster and more accurately without burning or tearout.

  • Made of M2 high speed steel stays sharp longer
  • 4 Point cutter tip makes smaller chips
  • Ejects chips without having to back the bit out
  • No tearout on entry or exit hole
  • Cuts faster with less heat making cleaner holes
  • Longer bit life, no burning or chip jamming
  • Drill full length of bit in a single pass
  • Cuts accurate straight holes size every time
  • Drill length: 6" with hardness of 64 HRC

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