Key Chuck Pen Making Starter Kit

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Key Chuck Pen Making Starter Kit
If you own a lathe and basic spindle making tools (3/8" spindle gouge or 1/2" skew), this kit will provide you with the basic supplies needed to try your hand at pen turning. This kit is only used on lathes that do not have a Morse Taper in the headstock spindle. It is made to be used with a drill type chuck on the headstock spindle. The Basic Penmaking Starter Kit includes the following items:
  • Key Chuck Standard Pen Mandrel
  • 7mm Brad Point Drill Bit
  • 5 Slimline Pen Kits
  • 5 Wood Blanks
  • 30ml Shellawax Finish
  • 1oz CA Glue
  • 7mm Barrel Trimmer
  • Instructions
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