Turquoise Inlace

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Turquoise Inlace

This product will open the doors to exciting new designs for your woodturning projects. To use Inlace, get a piece of dry wood, make a recess or groove to receive the Inlace. Cracks and other defects can also be filled and turned into an asset. Next, select the color needed, add a few drops of catalyst then mix into a paste. You now have 10-15 minutes to fill the desired area. After 8 hours the Inlace is ready to be turned, sanded or carved.

Inlace can be finished with commonly used finishing products. Inlace is not abrasive to your tools, and will not absorb moisture. Inlace is available in 8 colors and clear. The clear can be used with pigments, dyes, Inlace Nuggets etc.

Each kit comes with one 8oz container, hardener, mixing cups and sticks and instructions. The Clear is only available in 16oz containers.

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