Art of Segmented Woodturning by Malcolm TIbbetts

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Art of Segmented Woodturning by Malcolm TIbbetts

Malcom Tibbets is a segmented turner who's work resides in collections around the world. This new book offers his step-by-step master plan for designing and making segmented turnings. It assumes the reader has some woodtuning experience and shows how this type of woodturning is an art form without limitation!

The topics covered include: Woods to use, Wood preperation, Two methods of cuutting segments, Jigs for cutting parts, gluing and clamping, Stave construction, Inserting round or diamond designs, large vessel techniques, and Sphere cutting techniques. He shows how to make a "ribbon form"

There are plenty of tricks shown to help save time and make the process easier. The descriptions and pictures are very detailed. You will also learn how to make "Segmeted Ribbons", which on first glance, don't look like they came from a lathe. If you are interested in segmented turning, this book is well worth the price. 184 pages

Softcover, 184 pages

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