Mini Ligno E/D Moisture Meter

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Mini Ligno E/D Moisture Meter
  • Measure moisture from 6% to 45%
  • Tapered pins penetrate wood
  • 3/16" or 7/16" measuring depths
  • Cap protects the pins when not in use
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Automatic switch conserves the battery
  • Programmed for 35 wood species
  • Use for paper, cardboard, leather, fiberglass
  • Instructions, 9 Volt battery included

This moisture meter is compact, rugged and will measure moisture content from 6% to 45% depending on the species. It features a bright red digital numeric readout, two sets of tapered pins (3/16" and 7/16") for different measuring depths. The set of pins not in use is stored inside the case. The green cap protects the pins when not in use and acts as an ergonomic handle for pushing the pins, located on the opposite end of the case, into the wood during use.

The Mini Ligno E/D has an automatic switch that turns it on only when in use, conserving battery power. It comes programmed with corrections for 2 wood groups including 35 different wood species. Other materials can be testing including paper, cardboard, leather and fiberglass. Instructions and a 9 Volt battery are included.

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