Oneway 2416 Lathe

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Oneway 2416 Lathe
Optional Motor Upgrade:
1-1/2 HP (Standard)
2 HP (add $260)
3 HP (add $588)

The lathe pictured above is the 2436. The 2416 looks the same, but has 16" between centers instead of 36".

Oneway Manufacturing produces lathes that are considered among the best in their class. The design is robust and practical, making for a user friendly machine. These lathes are available with either a 20” or 24” swing and either 16” or 36” between centers. Depending on the model each lathe weighs between 600 and 850 pounds. The Oneway 20" and 24" Lathes come with a safe driver (drive center), Live Tail Center, 6" Faceplate, 14" Tool Rest, Knockout Bar and instructions.

Headstock: Heavy duty solid steel Hardened spindle with #2 Morse Taper, threaded for 33mm by 3.5; four ball bearings; spindle lock; 48 position indexing plate. Spindle Heights available: 20” Swing Models: 41; 42”; 44”; 46”, 24” Swing Models: 43; 44”; 46”; 48”.

Tailstock: Heavy one piece cast iron; 1-1/2" diameter hollow quill with 4" travel; #3 Morse Taper; handle for easy removal; rigid clamp to prevent flexing or creep.

Lathe Bed: 3/8” thick steel welded on top of a 10-3/4"diameter heavy steel tube with 5/16" wall thickness; precision machined.

Drive System: 1-1/2 HP AC Electronic Variable Speed 220V motor (2HP & 3HP availableas an option); 3-step pulley for speed ranges of: 0-800; 0-1800 or 0-3000 rpm; reversing switch; controls.

Tool Rest Base: Cast iron with a special cam-lock design; easy placement and secure locking without creeping; has 14" toolrest.

Add $260.00 for 2hp motor, $588.00 for 3hp. Shipping not included in lathe or accessory prices. Please contact us for freight cost on lathe and lathe accessory shipments.

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