Merlin2 Mini Carving Set

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Merlin2 Mini Carving Set
  • New Design has more power, spiral gears run quieter
  • 8-Tooth 2" diameter chain saw disc
  • Variable Speed from 0 to 13,000 rpm
  • High velocity Fan - runs cooler and longer
  • Comes with a soft sided tool bag
  • Used for shaping, and carving details
  • Can also used on many other materials
  • Easily sharpened with a 4mm chain saw file
  • Light and easy to control precision cuts
  • Includes extra wheels for sanding and cutoff work

The Merlin2 has been completely redesigned based on customer feedback. It is still the "The worlds smallest chainsaw", but is now even better. It is great for carving details sanding, sculpting and even cutoff work in wood.

Included with the Merlin2: Red (Coarse) Tungsten Carbide Wheel, One each of 60, 120, 240 grit Flap Sanders, Fiberglass Cut Off Wheel, Soft Sided Tool Bag.
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